Course curriculum

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  • 2

    How to Start a Private Personal Training Business

    • Prepare Your Business
    • How to Build a Training Business from the Ground Up
    • Overcoming Barriers to Starting a Virtual Training Business
  • 3

    Marketing: How to Get Clients

    • Give Away Free Information to Attract New Client Interest
    • Offer a Free Service to Attract New Client Interest
  • 4

    Pricing Your Training Services

    • How to Price Your Training Services
  • 5

    How to Sell Your Personal Training Services

    • Engaging With Potential Clients
    • Listen, Care and Sell
    • How to Close Sales
  • 6

    How to Professionally Take Care of Clients

    • The Client Care Process: Accountability and Communication Webinar
    • How to Monitor Client Progress Online
  • 7

    Virtual Personal Training

    • Unique Revenue Streams for the Virtual Personal Trainer FREE PREVIEW
    • How to Help Your Gym With Virtual Training
    • Your Niche as a Virtual Trainer
    • How Determine Your Niche and Why
    • Who? What? How? How to Connect with your Niche
    • Create a Welcome Package for your Virtual Training Clients
    • How to Perform Fitness Assessments Online
    • Exercise Library for Online Program Design
    • How to Train Online for Free
    • How to Qualify Potential Clients Online
    • How to Consistently Get Online Training Clients
    • Steve Shreeve: The Purpose of Defining your Niche
  • 8

    Personal Growth, Purpose and Motivation

    • Your Core Values
    • Making Your Impact on the World Part 1
    • Making Your Impact on the World Part 2
  • 9

    Software and Technology

    • Social Media Scheduling - Hootsuite
    • Graphic Design Tool - Canva
    • Free Virtual Streaming Platform - Salut
    • Automated Text Messaging
    • Hire Cheap Help for Content Generation -
    • Email Marketing and Automation Software - Send in Blue

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