Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Mentorship

    2. Read Before Starting

    3. Business and Sales: The Guide to Success as a Personal Trainer by Eddie Lester Ebook Download

    1. Prepare Your Business

    2. How to Build a Training Business from the Ground Up

    3. Overcoming Barriers to Starting a Virtual Training Business

    1. Give Away Free Information to Attract New Client Interest

    2. Offer a Free Service to Attract New Client Interest

    1. How to Price Your Training Services

    1. Engaging With Potential Clients

    2. Listen, Care and Sell

    3. How to Close Sales

    1. The Client Care Process: Accountability and Communication Webinar

    2. How to Monitor Client Progress Online

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  • 35 lessons
  • 16 hours of video content

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